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Welcome to LaVigne Life!

We’ve spoken to you, heard your comments and questions and noted our many, mutual interests, including healthy lifestyle practices and ideas, natural skincare tips, DIY, home pampering, healthy eating, self care, and more. Welcome to our brand NEW blog LaVigne Life! Our healthy lifestyle blog LaVigne Life connects you to hot topic tips from natural health and lifestyle professionals, holistic practitioners and enthusiasts. We look forward to bringing you exciting content you can connect with! Happy Reading! Feel free to share your feedback with us and any suggestions on what topics you would like to see here!

Love Linda & Jenn

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3 Ways to Alleviate Anxiety Naturally

The uncertainty of the last year has turned our lives upside-down, and many of us are experiencing chronic anxiety symptoms such as constant worrying, insomnia, and inability to relax. While our nervous systems are wired to deal with immediate stressors effectively with the fight-or-flight response, we are not meant to be stuck in this heightened state of anxiety for extended periods of time. Yet here we are! Fortunately, we can use our knowledge of our nervous systems to tap [...]

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