4 Great Tips for Healthier Lips This Fall

Fall has arrived, and with the arrival of cooler weather we often find ourselves with faced with changes to our skin, such as dry, cracked lips. This can be extremely uncomfortable, often painful, and can even prevent your favorite Fall lipstick from applying correctly. Below are 4 great tips for healthier, more nourished lips to combat the cool Fall weather to come!

  1. Drink More Water! By drinking room-temperature water every morning, you fuel your body with the hydration it needs to cleanse and detoxify, encouraging healthier, more hydrated lips.
  2. Brush and Floss! When your teeth and gums are healthy, your lip health is sure to follow. Brush and floss regularly to ensure your mouth and lips stay their best.
  3. Exfoliate! Invest in a natural, gentle, exfoliating scrub and make a habit of exfoliating your lips once per week. Try LaVigne Natural’s Illuminating Facial Polish to soften skin and gently smooth away dead skin cells.
  4. Invest in a Quality Lip Balm! Many conventional lip balms contain synthetic, low quality ingredients that can actually cause damage to your lips and the surrounding area. Try LaVigne Natural’s Lip Therapy, professionally formulated with skin nourishing botanicals and plant based ingredients, for visibly nourished, supple lips.

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