“…I was amazed on what [Mayan Magic] did for my skin. My hands were soft and there was no evidence after that I ever had dry skin. I have tried many creams and balms for my skin but I especially liked this one because it made my nails look nice too. I used it on my daughter and son and they both liked it. They didn’t complain that it was greasy like the other cream I was using. This balm is really creamy.
It can be used for Rosacea, skin inflammation, cuts, burns, rashes, incisions, scars, cracked skin, itchy skin, treats stretch marks, cradle cap eczema, diaper rash and psoriasis.

There really isn’t much it can’t treat. This is no ordinary balm or cream, it actually works very fast. Mayan Magic is scent free and paraben free. This is perfect to keep in your diaper bag and purse….” Read the entire review