Vitamin C has been touted as an amazing ingredient in clinical skin care for decades. Why does the love affair with Vitamin C continue? Here are five reasons:

Protection Against Sun Damage — Vitamin C prevents sunburns, as well as reduces the formation and number of sunburned cells. This is attributed to the ability of Vitamin C to counteract free radicals generated by ultraviolet radiation.

Reduced Inflammation — Inflammation is the body’s natural defense against injury. This redness, tenderness and swelling generate free radicals, which are then neutralized by the introduction of Vitamin C to the area.

Increased Collagen Production —When introduced to fibroblasts in lab dishes, Vitamin C was found to stimulate collagen production.

Increased Immune System — Vitamin C has been well documented to help the immune system when we’re sick. Our skin has its own immune system comprised of Langerhans cells which are strengthened by the introduction of Vitamin C.

Skin Lightening — In concentrations over 10%, Vitamin C leads to a marked reduction in the severity of hyper pigmentation. The same principles that cause lemon juice to lighten our hair also apply to our skin.

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