What is an Awe Walk?

An Awe Walk is a mindful walk you take in nature, while focusing on your breath, feeling your feet on the ground, and taking special notice of surrounding sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations.

What Happens When You Take an Awe Walk?

According to the Greater Good Science Center, research suggests that awe has a way of lifting people outside of their usual routine and connecting them with something larger and more significant. This sense of broader connectedness and purpose can help relieve negative moods and improve happiness, and it can also make people more generous as they become less focused on themselves. Evoking feelings of awe may be especially helpful when you are feeling bogged down by day-to-day concerns.

UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner noted that feelings of awe help us feel more generous and humble, while increasing our overall well-being.

“Awe is a positive emotion triggered by awareness of something vastly larger than the self and not immediately understandable — such as nature, art, music, or being caught up in a collective act such as a ceremony, concert or political march.”

Why Stop There? 

The team at the Greater Good Science Center suggests, “as you move through your day, take note of the moments that bring you wonder, that give you goosebumps: These are your opportunities for awe. They may be in city areas, in front of art, listening to music, or connecting with others. Go out and find your awe moments and listen to them carefully; see where they guide you. As they stir humility and wonder, you may discover that they point you toward what you’re supposed to do while you’re here on Earth.”

Learn more about the emotional benefits of taking an awe walk and steps to get you started here.

Why Wellness Matters to Us at LaVigne

Integrating wellness efforts — not-only skincare, but also eating well, making time for our mental health, such getting out in nature, remembering to breathe, practicing self-compassion, and human connection, for an overall healthy lifestyle — is a key value for us personally as leaders at LaVigne, and also with our team, our community, families and friends – and of course you – our LaVigne fans. (This was the reason behind creating “LaVigne Life”)

A piece of that focus includes our contribution to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley – which studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being and teaches skills to help you thrive, build resilience, and increase compassion for yourself and others.

If you share these same interests you can also donate to the Greater Good Science Center. Learn more here or listen to the Science of Happiness podcast here.