We often envy others who have flawless skin. Like many things, it always appears so effortless for everyone else… while you constantly struggle to have a beautiful complexion!

The truth is: Continuously radiant skin requires work. Ditch these skin-destructing habits and see a more visibly improved complexion over time!

1-Caffeine. As a diuretic, caffeine eliminates water from your body. This includes the skin, which craves water in order to stay hydrated and, therefore, supple, plump and healthy looking. If you must have your fix, choose low-caffeinated beverages like green or white tea instead of coffee and black tea.martini

2-Alcohol. Your gin & tonic has similar drying effects as caffeine. Plus, too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure and cause long-term health damage. (As a general rule of thumb: Anything bad for your entire body is bad for the skin.)

3-Smoking. It’s no surprise that smoking is bad for you, but most of us associate it with lung and heart diseases. But smoking adversely affects the body both inside and out. Over time, cigarettes can cause skin dryness as well as premature lines and wrinkles. Cigarette smoke is one of the top causes of free radical damage, which wreaks havoc on your complexion.

4-Tanning. Many people seek darker skin in an effort to look younger and thinner. Whether you tan outside or in lamp beds, the effects are all dangerous over the long term. Aside from zapping moisture, tanning poses risks for sun spots, premature wrinkles and possibly cancer.

5-Excess stress. It is often said that stress can take its toll on the body, and your skin is no exception. In fact, chronic or acute stress manifests itself quite noticeably on your facial skin via blemishes, dullness and uneven skin tone. Take a load off and manage stress ahead of time by taking breaks when you need them – your skin will thank you for it!

6-Skimping on sleep. There never seems to be enough time in one day to get everything done. This is why many of us survive on six hours of sleep or less per night. Not only are you exhausted, but your skin will be too. Lack of sleep is especially evident under the eyes. To avoid wrinkles and dark circles, try to incrementally add half an hour of sleep each day until you reach a good, solid eight hours!

7-Being a couch potato. Aside from weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle prevents the increased blood flow that provides a radiant glow. Movement also stimulate lymphatic drainage, which removes toxins from your internal system and paves way for a clearer, luminous skin tone.

8-Forgetting to wash your face at night. Failure to cleanse bacteria, dirt and excess oil from your face will dull your complexion. It will also allow impurities to fester within your pores, causing blemishes to pop up! Use a gentle organic cleanser that doesn’t disrupt the delicate water-oil balance of your skin. Have you tried our Botanical Cleanser?

illuminatingfacialpolish9-Over-scrubbing your face. Cleansing is important, but scrubbing your skin with harsh exfoliators can actually worsen your complexion. Use an exfoliant with gentle, circular beads that do not cause microscopic tears in your skin, which can actually accelerate the aging process. Exfoliating, when done right, can result in smooth and gorgeous skin! Try Illuminating Facial Polish, the newest product in our line.

10-Constantly touching your face. This places more dirt, oil and bacteria on the skin. Resist the temptation of picking at blemishes, pimples and blackheads. Instead, use a natural skincare product to help heal and prevent them in the first place.

11-Wearing too much makeup. While you may want to cover up imperfections, caking on the cosmetics may actually accentuate blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles and reduce your natural glow. Use pure, natural and organic makeup whenever possible, which inflict less stress on pores and the epidermis.

12-Using too many alcohol-based products. Acne skincare lines are often the biggest culprits. Using more than one product at a tisaltme, such as an alcohol toner and blemish cream, can dry out the skin and lead to even more breakouts.

13-Excess dietary salt. Too much salt zaps water from the skin, making it look lackluster and dull. Reduced sodium intake is recommended for overall health, too!

14-Anti-nutritional junk food. Processed box dinners and fast-food meals will catch up with your skin over time, not to mention pack on the pounds!

15-Forgoing skin care. Your body needs certain vitamins but cannot produce them, which is why a nutritionally rich diet and supplementation is necessary for good health. Similarly, your skin also needs the extra help. We are surrounded by environmental assaults on a daily basis, including UV damage and pollution, so your skin should be cleansed, balanced and nourished on a daily basis.

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