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LaVigne Natural Skincare is dedicated to making natural products that both nourish the skin and protect against the effects of day-to-day stresses from our environment.

Linda( LaVigne) Zaurrini

Linda (Lavigne) Zaurrini is a pioneer in defining clean, nourishing skin care beyond cosmetic beauty. B’YOND SKIN DEEP. It was in Mexico that she discovered Tepezcohuite, the bark of a tree, which was used by Mayans as skin healer. The Red Cross has used it for treating skin burns and other trauma. Methodically, she worked with her lab chemists in Vancouver, Canada, to create natural skin care products without toxic ingredients and synthetic fragrances, and powered by synergy between the Mayans’ secret ingredient, Tepezcohuite, and 21 st century science. The result was a skin nourishing and repair regimen focused on helping people with severe skin conditions lead a fuller life.

Her mission is to empower all afflicted and held back by severe skin damage, especially women and children, live a confident, fuller and uninhibited life!


LaVigne Products Are

Made in Vancouver, BC since 2003

Made with no parabens or harsh chemicals

Vegan, no animal testing

Unscented or low scent, with all essential oil scents

Made with high quality botanicals that are beneficial to the skin

Satisfaction Guaranteed (Visit our Contact Us page to read about our guarantee)

Meet the team


Linda Zaurrini
Founder & CEO



Erica(Maternity Leave)
Content Creator

Shipping, Customer Service & Educator

Jennifer Geneve
Director of Operations

Social Media Coordinator


Business Development Western Canada & USA

Business Development – Eastern & Northern Canada and USA

Jen B