Those with sensitive skin must take extra precautions to ensure their skin stays at its healthiest possible state. People with sensitive skin are more susceptible to rosacea, eczema, acne and surface dryness and itching. Many times, these symptoms can be prevented by making thoughtful and meaningful alterations in skin care routines and lifestyle habits.

Here are our top tips for sensitive skin care:

Cleanse the skin with utmost care — Use a mild, ultra-gentle cleanser formulated specifically for sensitive skin, preferably without the oil-stripping lather. Ensure the cleanser is free of fragrance and harsh preservatives. Do not wash your face more than you need to. Once during the evening to clean surface grime accumulated from the day should suffice.

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Minimize the quantity of products — Sensitive skin can be treated and maintained effectively with just a couple of products. You do not necessarily need to apply toner, serum, treatment, lotion and sunblock – this might distress skin. Instead, stick with a soothing toner and a lotion that contains broad-spectrum coverage.

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Use safe and effective natural skin care products (preferably organic, too!) — While synthetic skin care products can indeed improve the outer appearance of skin, there is an increasing catalogue of controversial ingredients that are known to cause long-term health effects and exacerbate sensitive skin. Such ingredients include parabens, glycols, phthalates and artificial colors. Since our bodies absorb around 60% of topical skin care treatments, it’s important to ensure what goes on skin is safe. Make sure to use ingredients that have been shown to be both effective and safe, such as argan oil and grapeseed extract.

Avoid extreme temperatures Wash your face with lukewarm water. Do not use purely hot or cold water, as sensitive skin is more likely to react to abrupt heat changes.

Avoid common irritants — Avoid synthetic fragrances, witch hazel, menthol, peppermint, acetone, alcohol, benzoic acid, formaldehyde, witch hazel, propylene glycol and eucalyptus oil, all of which have been reported to exacerbate sensitive skin. Research ingredients in products before you purchase them.

Avoid abrasive exfoliators — Sensitive skin can be physically exfoliated but make sure to use a product with gentle beads, as opposed to harsh, rough textures.

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Focus on nourishing ingredients known to support sensitive skin — Coenzyme Q10, shea butter and LaVigne Organics’ signature Tepezcohuite have all shown to nourish even the most sensitive skin.

Nurture skin from inside and out — Topical vitamins stabilize skin cell growth, improve texture, heal tissue and promote circulatory health – but nourishing from within is just as necessary. Take skin-friendly supplements, such as primrose oil, omega 3s and 6s, and B complex vitamins.

Diet — Eat the rainbow. Focusing on healthy whole foods, especially vegetables, will nourish skin and provide it with the resiliency it needs to stay beautiful. Make sure to stay hydrated as well, preferably with purified water.

Protect with a gentle sunblock — Chemical sunscreens aggravate sensitive skin. Use a soothing zinc sunblock, as it is non-irritating yet effective.

Our Recommendation

LaVigne Organics’ Mayan Magic is the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin, particularly those with roascea and eczema. Use sparingly as a spot treatment on irritated parts of the face, such as rosacea patches and dry spots on eyelids.