See What Blogger & Holistic Nutritionist Meghan Livingstone Had to Say About Our Botanical Cleanser…

Hello everyone!

I have been wanting to do a review on this facial cleanser as it has been absolutely wonderful. As shared in my skincare routine video, I had been using a cleanser by the company Maiga for a pretty long time. Recently I switched to LaVigne and I’m super excited to share why I love it so much!

My skin has naturally always been quite dry and maintaining moisture levels is always a priority when it comes to the care of my skin. I was beginning to notice over this past winter that my skin was extra dry and prone to breakouts and general irritation. The combination of zero humidity during the frigid winter months and constant indoor heating was really having an effect on my skin, and additionally I began to notice that the cleanser I was previously using was drying it out even more. I always found it to be a very drying cleanser, but it didn’t begin to have an adverse effect on my skin until a few months ago.

Although Maiga’s cleanser is still excellent in terms of quality and simplicity, and I know many people who swear by it, I immediately retired it and decided to try LaVigne’s Botanical Cleanser. I didn’t know it was going to be such a great decision for my skin until after I tried it out, of course!

Here are a few reasons why I love it:

  • Extremely gentle
  • Does not dry out skin, instead leaves skin feeling very soft and moisturized
  • Removes all makeup (including mascara) like a dream
  • Does not foam
  • Contains Tepezcohuite, lavender and chamomile. Antibacterial, cell-regenerating, and smells lovely!

If you’ve never heard of Tepezcohuite, I had never heard of it before either. It’s a perennial shrub native to Brazil, and according to Wikipedia:

The Mayans of Mexico have used roasted Mimosa tenuiflora “tepezcohuite” bark to treat lesions of the skin for over a thousand years. A tea made of the leaves and stem has been used to treat tooth pain. For cases of cough and bronchitis, a water extract (decoction) of Mimosa tenuiflora is drunk. A handful of bark in one liter of water is used by itself or in a syrup. The solution is drunk until the symptoms subside.

I highly recommend this cleanser if you’re looking for one that is very gentle and non-drying. It is a bit pricey (retails around $20.00 for 4oz) but I will honestly continue to buy it after mine runs out.

What’s your favourite cleanser? Let me know in the comments!