V O L U M E  2
Mode de Vie” simply translates to the word “Lifestyle
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The Encounter Collection by Stephen Kenn explores the significant act of passing an object on from one generation to the next. It is in this exchange, accompanied by words of wisdom, that a boy is often called to a life of courage. While aware that everyone’s life experience is unique, and often painful, this film focuses on the experience of a boy losing his father and yet retaining the love and passion that was intended for him.
This six hour track contains deep healing sounds, which promote relaxation, stress-relief and DNA repair. Perfect for meditation, yoga or simply relaxing after a long day. Rest your mind, body and soul.
R E A D 
We forget that there is magic in food. We’ve lost an appreciation for how the ingredients we use came to be, how they grew, and where they were cultivated. In short, we’ve lost an appreciation for the earth. But Johnna Holmgren is here to restore that appreciation and help us create an adventurous spirit both in and out of the kitchen. She’s someone who goes straight to the woods behind her home for mushrooms and syrup and heads to her garden for tomatoes and fruits. Her cookbook is more than just a book—it’s an escape to another realm, a retreat into nature, and a taste of the life she lives.
Image via Instagram @foxmeetsbear