Live Beyond Skin Deep is about real people who strive to live a fuller life in spite of their skin conditions. These are people who had felt they’d tried everything and were still searching for an effective solution. They found comfort in our natural Vegan skincare line, helping them to overcome their skin challenges, and step into a more confident, and uninhibited life!


After an accident, Mayan Magic literally saved my skin from burning and helped it heal quickly. I cannot give that product enough praise!


I honestly didn’t even leave my house and was falling almost into a state of depression and helplessness. Nothing was working and I was at an all time low it felt like. So thank you so so much for your life changing, confidence building products.


I love this whole line!!! I use 6 of the products. My skin has never been better! Mayan magic is good for anything and everything…burns, cuts, scrapes and those pesky pimples we all seem to get. I even put it on my dogs paw to relieve what looked like road rash on one of his pads and after 24hrs was much much better. 🙂


Excellent results from the Mayan Balm on my hands that suffer eczema, thank you for the kind fast relief thank you so very much


I love the cleanser! It really brightened my skin. It’s very mild on my sensitive skin, but still effective enough to remove every bit of makeup


Makes your face feel amazing. I’ve used every product in a shoppers ordered other stuff online, this is the only product that works! I’ve had acne since I was 14, I’m about to be 24 & this has been the first year now that I start to feel better in my skin. thank you for these amazing products!


After trying five different creams for my daughters diaper rash I was referred here to try Baby Magic. I thought I had nothing to loose and would try. I had to call into work sick because she refused to wear a diaper and would cry. I picked some up and within four days she was all cleared up! I am so grateful for this amazing natural product!


This skincare line is absolutely amazing, the vitamin c serum is the only cure for my cystic acne.


Mayan Magic Balm is the best product for my eczema. My husband started using it for chapped hands and he loves it. Thank you for a wonderful product made with safe ingredients


Words can’t express how grateful I am to have found Mayan Magic Balm. This summer was a first for me suffering from eczema. A friend recommended this product to me at the end of the summer, after I tried and spend countless dollars on other products. That either did nothing or made my eczema worse. By the third week of using this product my eczema had calmed down completely. I’ve been using the product for four months and I’m finally able to wear make up again! I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffer from eczema. Thank you LaVigne Organics for making such a wonderful product. Forever grateful.


Mayan magic is awesome. If you have eczema don’t hesitate. I have been using prescription cream for months but the itch was just about killing me. With 2 applications, redness has gone away and the itch is almost gone. Thank you LaVigne.


The Mayan Magic is my families go to for literally everything. Mosquito bite we grab the Mayan, heat rash we grab the Mayan, eczema flare up we grab the Mayan. It literally is like my Frank’s red hot. I put that s#$t on everything!!!


The best skin product line, ever! How I wish individuals could be distributors, I would have cases of this product to introduce to everyone I know! When nothing else worked to stop a recent outbreak of severe allergic dermatitis, these products were a God send! It would be wonderful to have a complete daily skin care line with body wash, extra large Affirm lotion, and perhaps a light fragrance body spray. That would be heavenly!


I just had to take a moment to write you with my testimonial.I had severe Dermatitis reaction on my feet and legs and thought I’d have to go to get steroids or cortisone as nothing would stop the itch, the pain, and the erupting scars that were devastating to look at.  In desperation I went to a local health food store, tried a tester of the Affirm on my neck that had now broken out in hives and within a few minutes, the itching and burning settled down! I was so shocked, I went back a few days later and bought two bottles! I applied it daily to my feet and after one week, I have the photos to show it is working. The [before] photo was on Oct 16. The next photo is Oct 22. This is a Godsend product. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate. I will send another set of photos at the three week mark. God bless you for developing this product. I am a life-long ambassador for LaVigne!


I’m an U.S. army veteran suffering from a rare condition called Exfoliative Chelitis. After returning from Iraq & recovering from sickness my lips began to peel constantly. Plaque Psorisis followed. The only thing that kept it under control was Aquaphor, albeit I don’t like toxic products like these near my mouth. This was my life, thousands of dollars & many dermatologists later, to no avail. I had to keep my lips coated in aquaphor.That all changed after I found your product. I do have to apply it a few times daily but it actually heals my lips (meaning it stops the peeling) & is completely natural. Please don’t stop making your lip therapy product. & please thank your CEO & especially all the hard working people at LaVigne for me. Without your product, my life would be much different.On another note, I’m a flight attendant now & always refer my colleagues to your products (so many suffer from dry, chapped lips in my profession to begin with). You all are amazing people. From the bottom of my heart.


To Whom It May Concern,For the last 3 years I have been using Mayan Magic healing balm to combat my genital Psoriasis. I used to scream in pain before I discovered the Mayan Magic balm. This product was a miracle for keeping my disease at bay.I actually developed a condition called Phimosis. I was going to require surgery (circumcision) in order to reduce the damage caused by my Psoriasis. I could have three separate people contact you, including my doctor, who would confirm that your product reversed the condition and prevented me from needing the life changing operation.Your entire company deserves a major pat on the back! I am in your debt. I am sorry to be graphic but that is my reality.Anyways. My skin is feeling great again which has been a long time comingYour product is worth a million dollars!


This may be my first time writing a product review, but I have to say this is a great product! I got it as part of a gift bag at Indie Beauty Expo and wasn’t expecting much, but after a few weeks of using it morning and night my skin had never looked better. Ordering again to see if it wasn’t just a fluke, but I’m rarely impressed by skincare products so had to leave a comment.


I have tried many different products to get relief from dry skin and itchy beard issues and I am so happy that a friend referred this one to me, after 2-3 times using this product my beard felt 1000 times better and with daily maintenance my issues are non- existent. Thanks for an amazing product!