Intensive Eye Crème New Formula New Price

We have made changes to our Intensive Eye Crème and we are passing the savings on to our customers!

Recently, we made the switch to a more user-friendly bottle and applicator and slightly changed the formula and essential oil scent, which resulted in significant savings.

We are now able to offer the Intensive Eye Crème at a new lower price!

Now only $45.00

that is a savings of almost 20%

Banish the tired look, nourish the delicate skin around the eyes, and reduce the appearance of fine lines with this powerful blend of natural extracts and emollients. Intensive Eye Créme combines more than a dozen active, rejuvenating ingredients to protect against signs of aging.

Now Featuring Teprenone! 

This powerful formula now features the renowned anti-aging “Teprenone”, known for its ability to hep protect the skin cells from stress and fight inflammation. Specifically, Teprenone has been shown to improve skin moisture and the appearance of rough skin, fine lines, enlarged pores and redness.