Nutrition is essential to good health, both inside and out. People who eat balanced diets generally have better skin health. Still, everyone can use the help of skin care products that directly treat the source of the problem. What better way than to use powerful food ingredients in daily skin care products? LaVigne Organic Skincare is proud to select only the best food extracts to accompany other breakthrough ingredients in our products.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a substance rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as the antioxidants vitamins A and E. It directly increases collagen for more supple skin. Avocado oil is also a natural way to boost levels of linoleic acid in the skin without resorting to harsh chemical peels or greasy man-made oils. Unlike other types of oils, this ingredient is made directly from the pulp of the fruit—not avocado seeds.intensive_eye

Found in: LaVigne Organic Skincare Vitamin C Serum

Grape Skin Extract

Grapes were once reserved for royalty because of their sweet taste and healthy effects. This fruit not only contains B-complex vitamins and iron, but it also has more than one type of antioxidant. Carotene as well as vitamins A and C, are all antioxidants that make up this superfruit.

It’s no secret that certain processes help increase the health benefits of grapes. Red wine is one of the most talked-about grape products proven to be healthy for the cardiovascular system when used in moderation. Now the benefits of extracts from grape skin are being discussed more than ever before. We use grape skin extract to decrease the presence of free radicals on the skin that may otherwise lead to dryness as well as premature aging. Grape skin extract is a powerful ally in the fight against cellular damage and wrinkles.

Found in: LaVigne Organic Skincare Vitamin C Serum & LaVigne Organic Skincare Intensive Eye Crème

NAB Mushroom Extract

NAB mushroom extract makes gaining the skin health benefits of mushrooms possible without eating them. This is good news for those who don’t like to eat their mushrooms! Furthermore, this ingredient packs in some serious anti-aging benefits. Derived from a combination of shiitake and mannetake mushrooms, this extract increases skin cell turnover to boost and maintain natural hydration. At the same time, natural collagen boosters make NAB mushroom extract a first line of defense against fine lines and wrinkles.

Found in: LaVigne Organic Skincare Intensive Eye Crèmeyam

Wild Yam

Wild yam was once used as a healing ingredient for relaxation. It was also used to relieve colic in infants. Studies have proven wild yam as a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that soothes the skin while eliminating both redness and puffiness.

Found in: LaVigne Organic Skincare Intensive Eye Crème