It’s red, flaky, inflamed, itchy, and covers some or all of your baby’s little body. We’ve NEVER heard from so many moms and grandmothers talking about their little ones suffering with Infant Eczema, as we have in this, our 7th year of making Mayan Magic healing balm.

The heart-warming news is, many of them are calling to say the Mayan Magic was either what cleared up the rash, or what kept the skin soothed until they could find the cause.

If your young child is suffering from infant Eczema, it probably concerns you daily.

It may help ease your mind to know that, even though it may manifest itself by causing red patches of skin that look inflamed and may contain blisters, it doesn’t in itself appear to cause much danger for your child’s health. It is actually a common skin disorder among young children and toddlers.

Infant Eczema can affect children from any country or racial background and is not a disease that is limited to certain geographic areas. Even though it is sometimes caused or made worse by skin contact with certain irritant substances, the disease itself can also be a genetic one, passed on from parents. Most cases will also resolve on their own.

Finding a solution to Infant Eczema could seem like a big challenge for you as a parent, but for the many families we’ve heard from at LaVigne, Mayan Magic has offered fast relief and hope for eliminating the irritation all together.

What you can do:

Starting now: The first thing you need to ensure is that your child’s skin is allowed to breathe freely and is not in contact with substances or materials that could be responsible for causing irritation.

Clothing: It’s best to dress your baby in clothing made out of cotton, bamboo or other natural fibers, rather than synthetic materials or wool.

Bath time: Choose gentle soap and shampoos. Use scent as a guide – anything with a harsh scent, is likely harsh on the skin.

Moisturizing: You may apply Mayan Magic healing balm to your baby’s skin 3-5 times per day. After bathing, but also any time, directly onto Eczema flare-ups.

Why Mayan Magic works: Mayan Magic contains 10% Tepezcohuite/Tepescohuite – a tree bark ingredient from Mexico, which relieves pain, heals without scarring, regenerates skin cells, fights bacteria, viruses and fungi, and it is a non-toxic antibacterial agent 300% more effective than streptomycin.

What to expect: As Tepezcohuite is a natural analgesic, skin cell regenerator and anti-bacterial ingredient, you can expect the itchiness of the Eczema to be calmed almost instantly, the skin to begin healing underneath and for the skin to be protected from other environmental irritants.

More about Mayan Magic: Mayan Magic healing balm with Tepezcohuite is natural, unscented and paraben-free. The base is soothing Shea Butter, a healing, therapeutic emollient, renowned for its skin-softening and superior moisture-retaining ability, and capacity to reduce scar tissue.

How to purchase: Mayan Magic is available at nearly 400 retailers in Canada and the US, and also for purchase through the LaVigne Organic Skincare website.