6 Amazing Things That Happened to My Underarms…

Skin Changes: After just a couple of uses, I noticed that my underarms were noticeably softer and smoother.

Post Shave Difference: Typically, after shaving my underarm area, the skin would be a bit red with some irritation, so I would avoid applying deodorants immediately after. LaVigne Deodorant Balms are so incredibly gentle and calming on the skin, I have no problem applying the product right after shaving!

Moisture Control: Most natural deodorants I have used in the past, tend to be too moist and end up making sweat control even worse! LaVigne Deodorant Balms have the perfect balance of moisture and dryness to keep underarms feeling fresh, dry and natural.

Freshness that Lasts: Most natural deodorants I have tried, tend to stop working after about 3-4 hours, which is pretty disappointing! LaVigne Deodorant Balms last a solid 8-12 hours, depending on the level of physical activity in your day! I felt fresh and dry after a long hard day at work, I was truly impressed!

No more Build-Up: I find that most deodorants have 1 thing in common – build up! The ingredients they use bond harshly to the skin – making it difficult to wash away! LaVigne Deodorant Balms wash away easily with a bit of mild soap or cleanser.

In Between Days are Better: Since the LaVigne Deodorant Balms are so natural and gentle, when I remove the deodorant in the shower before bed, I still feel fresh in the morning!

Non-toxic, Tepezcohuite-infused natural deodorant balms by LaVigne Natural Skincare! Our natural deodorants are hand-crafted, gentle on the skin and effective!

Trying to decide between Coconut Clary Sage and Gentle & Unscented?

  • Coconut Clary Sage: Gorgeous unisex aroma of Clary Sage and slightly more aluminum-free baking soda to keep your underarms feeling fresh!
  • Gentle & Unscented: Created for LaVigne fans who are sensitive to baking soda, this one contains a lower percentage of aluminum-free baking soda – but is still very effective! No additional scent other than the inherent coconut aroma from the Coconut Oil.

How to use it: Apply a pea-sized amount to clean, dry, underarms and enjoy a natural solution to staying fresh all day! Avoid applying to broken skin. Discontinue if irritation occurs.


Cruelty Free

All Natural


Over 80% Organic!