Approximately 15-20% of us suffer with eczema, a skin condition that typically starts within the first two years of our lives. Medically known as “atopic dermatitis”, eczema shows itself as continually itchy skin with dryness and inflammation. The affected areas become red, scaly, and thickened during times of recurrent “flares”.

In fact, those with eczema can go for long periods of time with clear skin before they encounter a trigger. Triggers can be any substance that sets off the symptoms of eczema, such as the inflammation, rash, and itchy skin.

What can be a trigger? For many people, it can be stress. For others, it can be wool clothing, some fabric softeners, dust mites, or perfumed lotions. For some, their triggers are never identified.

Mayan Magic Healing Balm
Mayan Magic offers the unique combination of a thick cream with the healing benefits of both tepezcohuite and shea butter. Tepezcohuite has been used for centuries by the Mayans to heal skin. It relieves the pain and itchyness, heals the rashes and micro-lesions without scarring, and regenerates healthy skin cells. All this and tepezcohuite fights bacteria, viruses and fungi that an eczema-affected skin might be exposed to. According to the University of Ottawa, it is a non-toxic antibacterial agent 300% more effective than streptomycin.

Best of all, Mayan Magic Healing Balm is safe to use on all your family members, from babies to mommies to growing active children!

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