Aging is tough.

I noticed this morning when I turn my neck, the crease stays for quite awhile. There’s no way to exercise your neck! And despite not tossing and turning much last night, my skin looks dull and my eyes are puffy.


But there is help. LaVigne Organic Skincare, founded by President Linda Zaurrini (née LaVigne) is “dedicated to making natural products that both heal damaged skin and protect against the effects of day-to-day stresses from our environment. Each product is created to work effectively within our total skincare system or by itself.”

I love that you don’t have to buy a whole system in order to see results.

Also, the formula was created organically:

In 2002, while living in Mexico, Linda began looking into the healing secrets of the Mayans and visited with local experts to uncover the remarkable properties of Tepezcohuite.

She has chosen all of the ingredients, as well as what not to include (parabens) herself, so you get this handcrafted recipe that fights aging naturally.

I tried Plump & Firm Tri-Active Peptide Cream and was thrilled by how supple and bright my skin was after just one application!

I like that the cream is light, but absorbs immediately. You skin feels quenched and nourished right away. Oh, the scent is so pretty – light and floral. And no need to worry about feeling greasy with this beauty!

It works to repair your skin, while protecting it from further damage (free radicals, environment, etc.). You may even notice scars diminishing, lines disappearing. All of my wrinkles softened – even on my neck (be sure to use on your neck and decollete!). My eyes were less droopy and the bags under them were virtually gone.

I looked like I’d be on a one week cruise, when really I’d stay up until 2 a.m. writing until deadline.

Erase the years – and wrinkles – with LaVigne Organic Skincare.