“I was searching for a high quality natural skincare line when I came across a sample of the LaVigne eye cream. I was pleased with the results & decided to incorporate LaVigne Natural Skincare products as my full regime, replacing my old products as they run out. So far I’m using the Botanical Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, Advanced Firming Cream & Plump and Firm Peptide Creme. The Clear Magic Facial Spray & the Intensive Eye Cream are awaiting their turn. I have also had good success with the Mayan Magic Balm in calming flare ups of contact dermal irritations.” – LV Fan


“Amazing products! Mayan Magic is a staple in my homemade First Aid Kit! Especially after burning the skin on my ankles and it helps to repair and heal the blisters within a week! Also the Vitamin C serum leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed!” – LV Fan

“LaVigne Natural makes the best facial cleanser! I suffer from rosacea, adult acne and I have very sensitive & reactive skin. My skin has calmed significantly since using their Botanical Cleanser a few years ago. I tried other stuff but nothing compares to their Botanical Cleanser, not even the expensive fancy stuff in drugstores and department stores.
Their Mayan Magic Balm is amazing as well. Great for eczema and dry hands. Worth every penny!!!” – LV Fan


“I absolutely love LaVigne products. I use the botanical cleanser, clear magic facial spray, Vitamin C serum , advanced firming cream with DMAE and the affirm body lotion. I’m 48 and my skin glows and is well hydrated using these amazing, natural products. The products are so concentrated that a little goes a long way.” – LV Fan

The LaVigne Vitamin C Serum is the best skin product I have ever used. The product was recommended to me by a natural healing representative. As soon as I started using it I noticed a positive difference in my skin.” – LV Fan


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