Dry skin is never pleasant – itchy, painful, irritated. Yuck.

The trick to dealing with dry skin can be accomplished in two easy steps – add water and seal it in.

Just Add Water
Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is the first step to fighting dry skin.

Seal It In
Now that the moisture is in your body, keep it there. Using a moisturizer will:

  • Add a barrier to your skin, preventing the escape of precious water
  • Replace lost water from the outside
  • Add water-binding compounds to your skin

Looking for a Toxin-Free Moisturizer?
Use Mayan Magic Healing Balm – made with dense cream that stays in place, moisturizing throughout your day and offering the soothing, healing benefits of both tepezcohuite and shea butter. With all natural ingredients, you can use it without side effects on every member of your family!