dr ozIf you tuned into watch Dr. Oz on August 1st, you would have caught rave reviews once again for DMAE as an anti-aging skin care ingredient.

Health All-Stars, including Doctors Agatson and Northrup and Perricone revealed anti-aging secrets including DMAE. Dr. Perricone discussed how we can reverse the signs of aging by eating an anti-inflammatory diet, and using skin DMAE Advanced Firming Cream by LaVigne Organic Skincareproducts with the ingredient DMAE.

Dr. Arthur Agatston, the cardiologist creator of the South Beach Diet, was the first guest on the All-Star Alternative Health show. The basics of the South Beach Diet are good fats, good carbs and lean protein. It’s that simple. Dr. Agatston has developed a scale to prove his diet works at not only stop heart disease, but also reverse it.

Next to join the show was Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.” Dr. Northrup is a strong advocate for women’s health, holistically, not just the female parts. When she started practicing medicine, the female body was seen as a disaster. Menstruation, pregnancy, etc. were seen as disease. One mantra she heard a lot was “there’s no room in the tomb for the womb.” Women have to stand up for themselves in the medical world, she says, and the biggest mistake doctors make is they don’t understand that what’s happening in our lives and brains affects what’s happening in our bodies.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone was the first doctor to tell the public that what we eat can change how we look on the outside. He has proven that you can reverse the signs of aging by eating foods that are anti-inflammatory. He says within two or three days of being on an anti-inflammatory diet, his patients’ skin becomes radiant with help. He also says that acne completely disappears as well, even acne that is resistant to Accutane!

The Estrogen Connection
Dr. Northup explained that women’s hormones fluctuate during the month, spiking and decreasing throughout our cycles. Regulating hormone levels can really help stabilize the mood and eliminate other symptoms of hormone instability like hair loss.

Dr. Northrup says if your ovaries were removed before the age of 45, you need some hormone replacement therapy as lack of hormones has been shown to increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Wrinkles are Optional
fruits and veggiesDr. Perricone says wrinkles are a sign of our overall health. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cold water fish and stay away from starch and sugar. You can also put something with DMAE on your skin which is also anti-inflammatory. He mentioned this is an ingredient that will be found in some face creams. It takes about 35 days to get results.

Dr. Perricone also recommends women to eat watercress three to four times a week, as it contains sulforaphane, an anti-cancer anti-oxidant. You can also take it as a supplement.

South Beach Diet
Dr. Agatston built the South Beach Diet on 3 simple principals: lean meat, good fats, good carbs. The good fats are cold water fish, canola oil and olive oil. These fight inflammation and lubricate the arteries to move plaque on through. Eating whole grains, walnuts, flaxseed oils can lower triglycerides dramatically. The good carbs in whole grains are very important. Eating fresh colorful vegetables and whole grains also lower blood pressure. Dr. Agatston said that if you eat like this your whole live, you won’t have a heart attack. If you already have heart disease, you can prevent it from getting worse, and even turn it around by following his diet.

Secrets for Treating 3 Common Ailments
■ Adding lemon to tea is not good for sore throats because lemon is so acidic. Instead try honey.
■ Chia seeds are not proven to help lose weight.
■ Garlic can treat foot fungas, rub it on athlete’s foot fungus.

View the clip from the Dr Oz show here.