If you missed the recent episode of Dr Oz’s “Alternative Health All-Stars”, Dr. Oz shared a piece of information given to him by celebrity Dr Nicholas Perricone. (Source: http://www.ecanadanow.com)

Dr. Oz stated that DMAE Skin Cream is much better than plastic surgery for wrinkles and aging skin, and that by using this cream a person can repair skin that has lost its natural properties that protect the skin and also reduce the wrinkles caused by aging.DMAE Advanced Firming Cream - LaVigne Organic Skincare

DMAE is a topical anti-inflammatory and when you put it on you will notice an instant change, you will see increased radiance, increased skin tone. Dr. Perricone said if he did half the face with DMAE right now, in twenty minutes your skin would be lifted on one side, the effects are not a gimmic.

However, adding that generally, this ingredient DMAE takes about 35 days to see results. Dr. Oz had a before and after picture of someone who used it for 35 days and she looked great and you could visibly see the results.

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