Why should you be using topical Vitamin C on your face on a daily basis?

Dr Oz told us exactly why last night!

Dr Oz introduced his guests, top plastic surgeons, Dr Leif Rogers and Dr Shirley Madhere. The surgeons both described how people considering plastic surgery to reduce signs of aging could achieve major improvements with their skin by using the #1 Secret for Youthful Skin — Vitamin C!

Dr Rogers explained that Vitamin C is in your skin when you’re young. “It’s a powerful antioxidant critical in collagen synthesis. As we age, we lose Vitamin C. Other things break it down as well, such as UV damage, toxins from smoking, and because of that we end up with more wrinkles and drier skin.

So, “the secret is to actually put the Vitamin C back into your skin with topical treatments.”

Dr Madher said that results from topical Vitamin C application will vary from person to person. Some people may see results after use for 2-4 weeks, whereas others may see improvement after 6-8 weeks, with a maximum effect taking place after 6 months.

Dr Oz demonstrated the loss of elastin in our skin as we age, by having two audience members jump on mini-trampolines. The first woman, jumping on the trampoline with plenty of ‘bounce’ and resilience demonstrates our skin when we’re young. The second woman, on a weaker trampoline, which was not bouncing back nearly as well, demonstrated aging skin that has lost its elastin, or its ability to ‘bounce’ back.

Dr Oz: “When you’re young, you have lots of bounciness in your skin, so you can push on it and you don’t get any wrinkles, because the skin’s elasticity allows it to maintain that bounciness. ”

As you age, collagen is damaged or broken down, showing a loss of elasticity, that’s why Vitamin C is so critical.

“Vitamin C gives you new strings on that trampoline (your skin), rejuvenating your skin, and reversing the age-related damage to your skin. That gives you less wrinkles,” said Dr Oz.

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